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Do You Remember These Names???

Miss Brumbaugh, Mr. Hornbacher, Mr. Sekutera, Mrs. Wright, Mr. Langenfeld,
Miss Jahnke, Mr. Sheppard, Mr. Harshbarger, Mr. Finecy, Mr. Young,
Mr. Dallas, Mrs. McNaught, Mr. Neal, Mr. Penner, Miss Williams,
Mrs. Hermsen, Miss Wilson, Mr. Brink, Mr. Brown, Mr. Christiansen, Mr. Yowell,
Mr. Gray, Miss Trott, Miss Hall, Mrs. Schmeichel, Mr. Berry, Mr. Graves, Ms. John,
Mrs. White, Mrs. Ohlsen, Mr. King, Mrs. Schaffer, Mrs. Graves, Mr. White,
Mr. Parson, Mr. Anderson, Mrs. Boyer, Mr. Brumbaugh, Mr. Elkins, Mr. Bohling,
Mr. Withee, Mr. Kahla, Mr. Muff, Mr. Robb, Mr. Augustine, Mr. Willman,
Mr. Sikman, Mrs. Boettcher, Ms. Johnston

They are pretty much listed by departments, if that will help.

Who was President in 1975?
Who was Vice President?
About how much did we pay for a gallon of gasoline?
How much did a stamp cost in 1975?
(answers below)

Mike Barb Carol Bob Ed Diane Sue John Paul Tony Marvin Jim Jon Barb Ann Gay Tom Lori Allen Darlene Pam Sharon Cindy Jackie Gene Cheryl Judy Jim Gary Jeannette Gary Sherry Joan Jane Ted Kim Kirk Terry Dale Tom Greg Greg Jadeen Brad Bernard Mary Bill Cate Jane Dan Lynn Kendell SueAnn Bruce Jim Annette Wayne Donna Les Laurie Max Marlene Don Randy Dave Nancy Beth Steve Vince Verna Mike Zayne
Each name here stands for someone...
who has crossed our path in time,
and in that meeting we have become...
the reason and the ryhme.

Although it sounds fantastic...
to even make this claim,
we really are composed...
of each remembered name.

Although we're not aware...
of any special link,
just knowing them, has shaped our life...
more than we could think.

We are but a total...
of many folks we've met,
the names here, a group of classmates...
never to forget.

--adapted by Sue Lantz
John Loyal Norbert Ron Lanny Sharon Shelley Mike Mike Mike Kevin Mike Rick Cindy Ginger Karen John Tim Linda Dave Jerry Anita Shea Deb Patti Kelvin Darla Cathy Pam Penny Becky Rex Beth Scott Peggy Brenda Annette Linda Greg Jerry Sue Julie Cindy Tim Deb Kim Steve Russell Lennae Ruth Megan Jeff John Frank Warren Pam Russ Jodee Terese Sue Ron Harold Rick Vera Jennifer Jeanne Russ Cindy Chris Deb Wanda Brent Steve Becky Deanne Gary Jay Pam

York Dukes

After the "Peanuts" cartoonist Charles Schultz died, a big number of the syndicated cartoonists conspired that on May 27th, they would put some sort of reference to "Peanuts" in their strips. "Peanuts" is probably the most famous comic strip in the world.
...But when YOU hear the name "Charlie Brown," if you remember to drive carefully, and drink your orange juice, and watch Lawrence Welk or Wolfman Jack -- your choice -- then you might be a YORK DUKE.

your summer job was detasselling corn.

a large percentage of your life has been spent at the City Auditorium: community events, concerts, basketball games, proms, the musicals, ...and waiting for the truck to take you to detassel corn.

(speaking of musicals) you've seen Dave Nossaman in a skirt...
I mean kilt, and if you've seen John Nicholson and Tim Nielsen in less than that!

to you names like Grabowski and Gdowski sound like Smith and Jones.

you are accustomed to seeing a
female dressed in white tie and tails

you can tell the difference between Jane and Joan.
Or is is Joan and Jane?

"Harv & Vi's" sounds appetizing to you.

you had a Phys Ed teacher with an inside-out Mohawk.

you went to Homecoming wearing a white mum with a blue pipe-cleaner stuck in it!

you thought Grand Island was a big city.

you thought Chances R was a fancy restaurant.

you had a Homecoming King named Bill H
ershberger and a band director named Bill Harshbarger.

you remember when Ron Makovicka was short.

you remember when Russell Scott had hair!

someone mentions "going to the Sun," and it makes sense to you!
What's playing this week?

you've seen Shea Pence do one-handed chinups.

you had to go to a lot of
convocations... but you don't remember any of them.

to be in style as a guy you had to have long hair... or a shaved head!

the girls got to win letter jackets, but they just had this wimpy little cursive "Y".

you wanted to be friends with Linda Roberdeau because her father was the sheriff.

avoided being friends with Linda Roberdeau because her father was the sheriff!

you once had a crush on John Svehla or Peggy Rathje.

the bus driver for every school trip was a York College student.

you sent flowers to the parents of Bernard Heinze when he died, but you didn't know what to send when he came back to life.
If you don't remember that incident, it's because YOU didn't get called into the assistant principal's office for starting a rumor!

you went to school in a beat-up old car.
If your car was named Barney, you might be Sue Lantz.

you think there are only three religions: Catholic, Lutheran, and Other.
You go down South and hear the word "Baptist," and you say, "Oh yeah, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church!"

you were friends with Tom Dickey, but you got the
board from his father!

your favorite thing to do between classes was sit on a radiator.

your favorite radiator was at the foot of the stairs(in the days of miniskirts).

you once considered yourself a GOME -- Grand Old Maid Eternally.
If you're still a GOME, you might be Ann Chambers! Boy, when she washes that man right out of her hair, it really works!

you refer to people from Seward as "River Rats."

you are referred to by people from Seward as a "Duck."

you've seen your community grow from a little one-water-tower-town to a thriving... THREE-water-tower-town.
by Russell Scott

Sewer Town

music by Becker & Fagen

lyrics by Becker, Fagen & Scott

sung by Russell Scott @ 25-yr reunion

I'm not one to look behind, I know that times must change,
But over there in Sewer Town they do things very strange.
Although you're not my enemy,
I like things like they used to be.
And though you'd like some company,
I'm standing by myself.
Go play with someone else.
I can can see by what you're doing that you come from Sewer Town.

Don't believe I'm taken in by stories that I've heard.
I just read the Daily News and swear by every word.
And don't think that I'm out of line
For speaking out for what is mine.
I'd like to see you do just fine,
But look at what you wear
And the way you cut your hair!
I can can see by what you're doing that you come from Sewer Town.

In the beginning we recall that the word was hurled:
Sewer Town people got to be in a different world!

Leave me or I'll be just like the others you will meet.
They won't act as kindly if they see you on the street.
Now don't you scream and don't you shout,
It's nothing you can do about.
It was there where you came out.
You don't know where it's at,
'Cause you're a River Rat!
I can can see by what you're doing that you come from Sewer Town.

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York, Nebraska

York News Times

Gerald R. Ford was our President in 1975.
Nelson Rockefeller was our Vice President.
We paid around 57 cents for a gallon of gasoline.
A stamp cost 10 cents in 1975.

Tony Bradley, Annette Jackson,
Becky Rachow, Terese Trecker, and Rick Wahl

The following classmates have been contacted but we don't have an address for them:
Jeanette Fischer, Zayne Larson, and Steve Schulz

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