These are classmates from our 8th grade through Junior years that we haven't found.

Once they are located, they will be added to the Profile Pages.

We are still looking for Seniors:

Tony Bradley, Sharon Crawford, Annette Jackson, Becky Rachow, Terese Trecker, and Rick Wahl
Their pictures can be found on their Profile Pages.

Can you help us find our "lost"? Please e-mail us at:

Mary Barr

Vicki Brock

Barb Carty

Darlene Collingham

Denise Corbell

Shirley Cox

Donna Crabtree

Keith Epp

Mary Farfalla

Joe Fitzgerald

Lavern Glinsmann

Terry Gordon

Kathy Graves

Cathy Griffeth

Jerry Hanson

Kay Hendrick

Cathy Hoover

Todd Huston

Jim Ickes

Teresa Keyes

Patty Klaus

Steve Kralik

Steve Lane

Bob McAtee

Mike Meehan

Bob Petersen

Dan Purdy

Beth Ramsey

Scott Rogers

Deb Satchell

Galen Smith

Jackie Smith

Eddie Swait

Larry Tullis

Sharon Van Cleave

Harold Wahl

Linda Webb

George Whiteford

Cindy Williams

Can you help us find our "lost"?
Please E-MAIL us!

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