Pam Young Kelly


address 406 Nebraska Ave
York NE 68467
telephone 402-362-5911 (H)
402-362-4475 (W)
child Allison O'Neill (??/??/????)

occupation Travel Agent
employer Executive 003366
location York, Nebraska

  • travel, of course
It's been 25 years, funny I don't seem that old, (most mornings)! I've done a variety of things since 1975. Married/divorced; Army, college; moved to Arizona, had a daughter, Moved back to York, worked around the area, married/divorced; received a work injury that no longer allowed me to do the production work I was use to. Gained 50 lbs, and decided it's time to go back to school, and get a life! Went to Lincoln School of Commerce and received a diploma in Tour and Travel and even made the Deans List with a 3.83 grade average, somehow it seemed more important now to study and do good. I am now working for Executive Travel, and just relocated out of Lincoln to York this past week (5/1/2000) and am very excited about it! My daughter is finishing her second year of college in Beatrice, she wants to be a teacher, I'm very proud of her. I love my new career and am looking forward to the travels it will take me on. I'm in a "happy" relationship, finally, and looking forward to whatever the road of life may bring me.

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