Brent Willman

Spouse: Tess (Smith), YHS Class Of 1976

address 7248 Parkridge Cir
Lincoln NE 68516
telephone 402-484-6299 (H)
children Sarah (??/??/1981?)
Katie (??/??/1984?)
Eric (??/??/1987?)
Adam (??/??/1995?)
parents John and Evon (Bertrand, Nebraska)
siblings Monica

occupation Pediatrician
employer Brent Willman, MD
location Lincoln, Nebraska

  • Spartan Boosters for Lincoln East High School
  • support group for individuals affected by cleft lip or cleft palate
Sorry we will be out of town the weekend of the reunion. But we have sent pictures of our family to share. One is of Brent and the kids at John and Evon s home in Bertrand. The other is of Tess and the kids last summer.

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