Chris Werger Summers

address 3233 NW 14th St
Oklahoma City OK 73107
telephone 405-601-9475 (H)
children Steven (1980?)
Jeremiah (1983?)

occupation Cafeteria Worker
employer Elk City Schools
location Elk City, Oklahoma

  • weight lifting
I have two sons, Steven (20) and Jeremiah (17). They are really great guys. Steven will graduate this year. He was supposed to last year, but he messed up a little, so he is going to alternative ed. at night and he's going to a trade school during the day, taking a graphic art class and computer and then he works on weekends. Jeremiah is going to be a senior this fall. He loves to work on cars, especially old ones. He is going to Vo-tech half a day and taking a mechanic class there. He would really like to go to Nashville to go to the school where they work on the Nascar race cars. He really loves it. He is about to become an Eagle Scout, which will pay for college completely wherever he decides to go. I am really proud of both of them. I am raising them on my own now for the last three years. Their dad committed suicide 3 years ago. It has been really hard on them emotionally, but they are doing real well. I am doing good also. So my life has changed considerably the last 3 years. I am learning things I never knew how to do. But you just have to be strong and go on. I still am employed with the school system. I am planning on going to college this fall, but I haven't decided what classes to take. I have a good friend helping me out on this. You know after I graduated high school, I got married, so I haven't ever been to school other than high school. It's kind of scary and exciting at the same time to think I am going to school at the young age of 43. I think it might be kind of cool. I want more to life than just working in the cafeteria. Most of the class I graduated with went on to pursue college life, but I didn't. I really wish I had. I have been weight lifting for about 2 years now. And I'm getting a little ripped. I really enjoy it though. It's a big stress relief. Anyways, that's about what my life consists of now. I would really love to attend our reunion, but time and especially money will not let me. I know it would really be fun, but I just cannot. Do me a favor, please. Julie Ross Sego is going to be there. I wanted so very much to see her. Give her a big hug for me! It has been 25 years since I've seen her in person. I hope you have a great reunion. I will be think about you! Would love to be there, but I just can't. Class of '75 rules!

1975 2005

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