Sue Van Wart Lantz


address 3511 South 79 Street
Lincoln NE 68506
telephone 402-489-1441 (H)
402-489-1441 (W)
childrenGreg (12/16/1986)
Jeff (03/21/1990)
parentsMarrce (died, age 80, November 9, 2007)
Marilyn (died, age 64, June 3, 1998. We miss her every day!)
brotherMarc (Lincoln)

occupationCorporate Pilot
employerInformation Technology, Inc.
locationLincoln, Nebraska

  • coffee with friends
  • crafts
  • flower gardening
  • volunteering
From '77 to '81 I traveled 44 states through my employment with JCPenney and enjoyed vacations around the world. In '81 I moved to Lincoln, became a Travel Agent, and added five more states to the "been there" list. I married in '83 and left my Travel Agent career in '87 to be a better mommy. I'm proud to say that I'm still a devoted wife and mother. In '96 we decided to build a new house. I was the general contractor and Terry and I did most of the work ourselves. Picture me up on a 30' extension ladder setting windows and later putting up siding! The kids even pulled the electric wires for their own rooms. We moved in on a partial occupancy permit 12/97 and got our final inspection and occupancy permit in '99 -- just 2 days short of 3 years! I still have 6 rooms to paint and 19 doors to stain and polyurethane! (see the coffee note above)

Had a good time working on the year 2000 reunion! It was fun getting our class e-mail and web pages up and running. I had the "fun" job while Cate and Deanne did all of the real work to make the actual weekend a success! I so appreciate Russell's enthusiasm with all of these profile pages! Russ has done a LOT of work and his attention to detail is great! I hope to see even more classmates at our year 2005 reunion!

house and boys constructed by Terry & Sue Lantz

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