Megan Stickelman Buttermore

Spouse: Alun

address 196 Fairview Dr
South Windsor CT 06074
telephone 860-648-9258 (H)
children Elissa (??/??/1983?)
Nathan (??/??/1985?)
Aaron (??/??/1988?)
siblings sister Kim
sister Lori

  • watching kids play sports: basketball, cross-country, track
  • transporting kids and their sporting equipment to activities (including daughter's 12 ft pole for polevault)
  • knitting (at least that's what I call it)
  • and lately: painting, painting, and more painting and other home-fix-it projects
I don't plan on attending the reunion as we plan to be on our 2nd home-hunting trip. Thanks to everyone for all their organizing efforts and have a GREAT time at the 25th!

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