Julie Ross Sego

Spouse: James
Anniversary: 06/14/1986
E-mail: jsego@earthlink.net

address 601 S Oak St
Chandler AZ 85224
telephone 480-961-0647 (H)
daughter Lauren 06/04/1994)
pets Sunflower, Buttercup and Daisy (guinea pigs)
parents Doyle and Patrica Ross (St. Johns, Arizona)
brother Jeff Ross, YHS Class of 1972 (Gilbert, Arizona)

occupation Sr. Admin. Assistant to CFO
employer Microchip
Microchip Technology Inc.
location Chandler, Arizona
occupation Helicopter Mechanic
employer Westcor Aviation Inc
location Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Girl Scout Leader
  • shopping with my daughter
  • travels around the beautiful state of Arizona
  • leisure time with family and friends
Enjoyed seeing everyone at the 25th - but I really missed my "girl friends" who didn't make it. Maybe someday our paths will cross again.

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