Shelley McClatchey Stamm

Spouse: David

address 6995 Xenon Drive
Arvada CO 80004
telephone 303-423-7568 (H)
303-423-0798 (W)
children Martha (??/??/1987?)
Kelsey (??/??/1991?)
pets Emma (golden retriever / chow)
parents dad and mom (York, Nebraska)

occupation Preschool Teacher
employer Arvada West Preschool
location Arvada, Colorado
occupation Probation Officer

  • being a soccer mom!
  • being a carpool mom!
  • talking to other moms!
  • being a mom!
We've been living in Arvada for 5 years now after living in the mountains for 13 years. We miss the quiet of small town life,but hope to retire to a little log house in the mountains. We travel to York about twice a year to see my parents. I sorry to say we won't be able to make the reunion in July. Our family planned a vacation on the Disney Cruise last summer before I knew the date of our get-together. I hope you all have a good time and I look forward to reading the class profiles on our web page!

1975 2005

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