Sharon McCarthy

Birthdate: 10/02/1957

address 436 Duquesne Dr
Pittsburgh PA 15243
telephone 412-343-6384 (H)
412-390-3000 x3301 (W)
children Brendan (10/11/1998)
Rory (12/14/2000)
parents Joe & Elaine (York, Nebraska)
siblings brother Pat (Aurora, Nebraska)

occupation Director Of Finance
employer invivodata, inc.
invivodata, inc.
location 2100 Wharton St., #505, Pittsburgh, Pa 15203

  • Chasing my kids!
My boys are growing up, but I still havenít caught up to those of you with grandkids, or even kids in college!! I spend my life in the car driving my kids to sports, music lessons and activities. In between, I try to work FT and keep up with the homework and laundry. My folks moved to town this past fall, turned 80 and are doing great, all things considered. Hope to see everyone this summer!

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